Zona in a Box

Welcome to Zona in a Box! We hope you have a great time using these materials and adapting them to your group and context! Let us know how you're using them!


- Welcome Document
A Read-Me document that outlines everything in Zona in a Box.

- Instructions, suggestions, and setup
This document contains great resources and suggestions for setting up your own Zona-ish retreat or camp. It includes ideas and resources for setting up your worship services, evangelism teachings and tools, service project ideas, and recreation activities and games.

-Zona Camp Video Sessions
This folder contains all four of the Zona Camp teaching sessions from our Camp Speaker, Robby Lashua, along with three fun-to-watch videos to go along with the teaching sessions.

- Small Group Instruction Guide
This document contains follow up teaching and small group questions that go along with each of the ZONA Camp Sessions.

- Evangelism Resources
This folder contains videos, power points, and worksheets to help teach your students how to share their faith with others. These resources include two ways to share one’s faith, “speak LOVE” and “3 Circles”.

- Zona Offering
We highly encourage you to financially support a worthwhile ministry during your Zona-ish retreat/camp. Zona Camp had planned on supporting the missionary work of Todd and Katie Miller in northern Thailand. We have included a video testimony from Todd and Katie. You can send your donations with your normal AZSBC Offering, or at azsbc.org/give and click on Zona Camp Offering. Let us know if you have questions regarding this offering or Todd and Katie’s ministry.

- Zona Shirts
Zona in a Box is being offered at no cost to you, but we wanted to offer you and your students the opportunity to purchase Zona 2020 Shirts. The shirts cost $9, which is the wholesale cost to print and ship them directly to you. The link for the store can be found at HERE.

- Questions? If you have any questions, you can reach the Zona Camp Director, Chad Murrell, at [email protected], or Amy Medley at [email protected]


Josh and KJ describe what's up with Zona in a Box.