God's Legacy through your life is seen throughout scripture and throughout history. This July, we will challenge students to understand God's message to the world through the Godly legacy that they will leave. 

Camp Speaker: Carlos Whittaker

Chances are you’ve heard of musician, thought leader, blogger and communicator Carlos Whittaker and just didn’t realize it. 

Carlos shows through his stories that in a world where ordinary has become a lifestyle, there is way out of the routine. Each decision in being a Moment Maker plays an integral part into our lives. And when we choose to take that leap, the possibilities are endless.

To read more about Carlos, go to his website at carloswhittaker.com/about/

Camp Band:  Wild Earth

WE sing, make noise, film videos, SEEK WITHIN, and LIVE OUT Loud to give all glory to our Creator and expand His wild kingdom through the love and power of Jesus Christ here and NOW! THIS INCLUDES ALL OF US. WHETHER YOU ARE A SONGWRITER, PAINTER, STORY TELLER, POET, OR IF you BUILD and FIX THINGS, TEACH PEOPLE, OR MAKE NUMBERS MAKE SENSE, YOU are A CRUCIAL and wonderful PART OF THE MOSAIC THAT IS "WORSHIP". WE WANT THIS TO BE A PLACE TO BRING THOSE THINGS TOGETHER! OUR Platform is music but the art is infinite.

"Oceans rage, the earth is wild..."